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Historical Wall Art

Unique Historical Artworks

Fans of the Age of Chivalry and those who like to travel the road less traveled will love our tapestries, rubbings, and Renaissance-era coasters. This rare decor will make a statement, showing off your unique tastes and providing a distinct atmosphere. Contact us today to enquire about a print

Brass Rubbings

Brass rubbings provide an opportunity for us to get in touch with medieval heritage with decorative wall hangings. Why travel to find rare brass rubbings and prints when we have them available here for you? The artists that create these portraits go to great lengths to ensure that every detail of the original tombstone is captured for your enjoyment and pleasure.

Our prints of brass rubbings are made in our own shop, and we take great care to ensure that each print is an exact replica of the original artwork by Terry Burr.

European Tapestries

We feature two European tapestries, Accolade and Godspeed. Accolade depicts a knighthood, with a Queen performing the ceremony on a young knight kneeling before her. Godspeed shows a young noblewoman wishing a good knight well as he heads off on his complex and arduous journey.

The tapestries are woven in the Jacquard style, using a machine fitted with a loom. This machine is a much-used instrument in the Belgian tapestry manufacturing style. Both pieces are 39" by 55".

Medieval Tapestry

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